Doggie Diapers: The Perfect Solution for Incontinent Dogs

Doggie diapers are the perfect solution for dogs that are incontinent. Whether incontinence is due to old age, disease, or excitability, using doggie diapers specifically designed for your size and type of canine companion helps to keep your dog comfortable and your home clean.

Reasons for Incontinence in Dogs

There are several reasons why a dog piddles or pees unintentionally.

  • Senior dogs (older dogs) may not be able to hold their urine like they could when they were younger and may require doggie diapers. Muscles loosen over time and those that control the urge to pee may not work as well as they used to.
  • Canines who are ill can also be incontinent. Incontinence in this regard can be due to the illness or disease itself, thus making it necessary to use doggie diapers.
  • In some cases, uncontrollable urination can be a result of dog medicines or drugs that increase urination.
  • Injuries can also cause incontinence in dogs.
  • Females dogs who come into season tend to urinate more than at other times of the year.
  • And, sometimes, dogs that get excited (such as when someone is at the door) may piddle.

Doggie diapers are also useful in potty training/ house training your dog or if you own a male dog that likes to mark its territory through urination.

All of these reasons for dog incontinence can occur with all breeds, sizes, and ages of dogs.

Doggie Diapers 101

So what should you consider when you are purchasing doggie diapers for your canine? Today’s selection of dog diapers is very diverse, so you need to be aware of the many features that you can choose from.

Doggie diapers:

  • Come in couple of versions, viz. washable doggie diapers and disposable doggie diapers. Selection here merely depends on your preference – do you prefer to re-wash or dispose off the diapers?
  • Are made specifically for males or for females. (So make sure you buy the right doggy diapers!)
  • Each has a hole for your dog’s tail.
  • May come with extra-long tabs for easy adjustment around your dog’s body.
  • Sometimes the doggy diapers have indicators to tell you when the diaper is wet.

Doggy Diapers Style and Fit

When deciding on what type and style of dog diapers you want to purchase, you want to make sure that the doggie diapers fit snugly and comfortably without any gaps. Gaps in the fit of the dog diapers may result in unwanted leakage. You are looking for a product that absorbs urine, does not sag, and stays on your dog throughout the day, evening, and overnight.

And, many types and styles of doggie diapers are now available in a variety of colors and patterns, so your dog can be “dressed” in style! Match the size of your dog with the type of diaper that best fits your canine’s needs. This includes using a dog diaper that fits perfectly and provides some breathability to keep your dog comfortable at all times.

Doggy Diapers Best Buys

With the many types and styles of doggie diapers available on the market today, there are a few products that rise to the top of the list.

Veterinarian’s Best Comfort Fit Dog Diapers - Medium SizeVeterinarian’s Best Comfort Fit Dog Diapers

Made by Veterinarian’s Best, the Veterinarian’s Best Comfort Fit doggie diapers come in packets of 12 and are available for both male and female canines. This brand of doggy diapers is known for holding quite a bit of urine. Make sure to measure your dog accurately prior to purchasing since sizes in this brand run small. The Veterinarian’s Best Comfort Fit doggie diapers are rated one of the highest products of its type available.

These doggie diapers have a wetness indicator so you know when it time time to change it. These also have leak barrier, fur-safe fasteners, and repositionable closures for the best fit on your dog.

*Please double check if the doggie diapers are for male dogs or female dogs and the diaper size before making a purchase.

Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers - Medium SizeSimple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers

The Bramton Company offers Simple Solution Disposable Doggie Diapers for use with all types and sizes of dogs. Each dog diaper has fasteners that are fur-safe along with a wetness indicator that tells you when the diaper is wet.

For dogs that are urinating in more than normal amounts, you can purchase Simple Solution Diaper Liners to insert into the diaper itself for more absorption capability.These can be purchased as an add-on item.

What makes Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers so versatile is it’s ability to be converted from a regular doggy diaper to one that is ultra-absorbent by using diaper liners.

*Please double check the diaper size before making a purchase.

Additional Options to Consider

Doggie diapers help your canine companion be comfortable as well as helping to make sure that your home stays clean. However, it is also recommended that you have some other products on hand to make taking care of your dog easier.

Dog Odor and Stain Removers

Even with your dog wearing a doggy diaper all of the time it is possible that they may have an accident on the floor or carpet. Luckily, there are a variety of dog odor and stain remover products you can use to clean the area and to keep it smelling fresh.

BISSELL 2X Pet Stain & Odor Portable Machine Formula

This Pet Stain and Odor Removal Formula, made by Bissell, is used with Bissell’s Deep Cleaning Machines. It is formulated to eliminate odors as well as remove pet stains from carpets and other areas of the house. This product is free from phosphates, dyes, optical brighteners or heavy metals.

Bissell recommends rinsing the area with clean water after the product is applied to obtain the best results.

Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer - Good to have with Doggie Diapers in case of leakage accidents.Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer

Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer by Nature’s Miracle, is another great pet stain and odor removal product. When used generously on very urine-soaked spots, removes both the yellow stains and the odor along with the stickiness caused by urine. It utilizes deep penetrating oxygen-infused, bio-enzymatic ingredients to remove all traces of urine. It also removes pet pheromones that encourage re-soiling.

The company recommends that you make sure that the spots completely dry after you use their product to achieve the best results.

The Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer is extremely popular among pet owners. No doubt it’s highly recommended by dog owners. Check out the customer reviews of this product.

Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator

Professional Strength Stain & Odor RemoverProfessional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator by the Rocco & Roxie Supply Company guarantees to eliminate all types of odors including those made by both dogs and cats. It is certified by and has earned the Seal of Approval from the trusted Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).

This odor and stain eliminator is safe for children and pets and can be used to freshen up pet bedding, litter boxes, travel crates, hamster cages, automobiles, campers, laundry, etc. It uses enzymes to destroy all of the odor-causing urine crystals, leaving your house stink-free.

Very easy to use, the company is very responsive, however, if you have any questions about how to use their products all you need to do is contact them.

Dog Training Pads and Trays

Dog training pads and trays provide dog owners with another option to potty train their canine as well as keep spaces urine and feces free.

All-Absorb 100 Count Training Pads

All-Absorb Training PadsAll-Absorb makes training pads that are useful for potty training your dog as well as to assist your incontinent canine to go in the same place.

Made from super-absorbent materials, these training pads contain an odor neutralizer. Apart from being quick drying and leak proof, the super absorbent core turns urine into gel instantly.

The All-Absorb Dog Training Pads are perfect for all ages of dogs.

Check out these awesome customer reviews for All-Absorb Puppy Training Pads.

AmazonBasics Pet Training and Puppy Pads

AmazonBasics Pet Training and Puppy PadsIn addition to dog waste bags with dispensers and leash clips, AmazonBasics offers an innovative training and puppy pad that transforms liquid (such as urine) into a gel. The gel is surrounded by a leak-proof lining so that leaks do not happen.

The AmazonBasics Pet Training and Puppy Pads have a special 5-layer design.

  • Layer 1: Anti-Streaming Quilted Pad
  • Layer 2: Super-Absorbent Sheet
  • Layer 3: Polymer Core that Turns to Gel
  • Layer 4: Locking Layer
  • Layer 5: Protecting Layer

The dog training pads are thinner than other brands, but are just as effective because of their design.

Four Paws Wee Wee Puppy Housebreaking Pads

Four Paws Wee Wee Pads are another alternative to outdoor relief for your dog. It can be used for puppies as well as for dogs of every age. Wee Wee offers a 100% leak-proof guarantee on their product thanks to their 5-ply leak-proof Floor Armor system. There is a built-in attractant that draws dogs to the pad and the super absorbent quilted core provides maximum absorption.

These puppy pads are available in Standard, Odor Control, Super Absorbent, Gigantic, X-Large, and Little Dogs sizes.

There is also a Décor design that matches your home’s interior. The performance of these puppy housebreaking pads is backed by these great customer reviews.

Dog Pooper-Scoopers and Bags

All dog owners should have pooper-scoopers and bags on hand at all times. Pooper-scoopers and the accompanying bags make it easy for you to pick up your dog’s duty without getting your hands dirty.

Amazon Basics Dog Waste Bags with Dispenser and Leash Clip

Amazon Basics offers one of the most popular dog waste bags with a dispenser and a convenient leash clip. With 15 bags per roll, this product fits almost all standard-sized leashes that have bag dispensers. An ideal solution when taking your dog on a walk or playing outside or inside.

Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop

For larger dogs, there is Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop. You will have no problem using the Jaw Scoop that is made from non-stick lightweight plastic that enables you to pick up large messes from almost any type of surface. Scoop up your dog’s duty and dispose of it down the toilet or in a disposable dog bag.

Earth Rated Poop Bags Dog Waste Bags, Refill Rolls

For the earth and recycle conscious, Earth Rated has created the Earth Rated Poop Bags for dog waste as well as refill rolls. These lavender-scented rolls insert into leash dispensers of standard size. This product’s packaging and the core of each roll are made from material that has been recycled.

Handling a dog’s incontinence on a day-to-day basis can be challenging. Keeping areas clean while making sure that your dog is comfortable are both goals to reach for every single day. The products mentioned in this article provide super solutions to your canine’s issues – whether they are a puppy or senior dog.